The Tuttle Collection

Tuttle Drug Store exterior before building next door (left) erected. Store to right empty, "To Let" signs. Standing in front, on unpaved Lighthouse Avenue, from left: C.K. Tuttle holding daughter Gladys' hand, Emily Tuttle, Mrs. Edgerly, Mr. Edgerly, Arthur Edgerly. See image # 001 for similar view.
Woman on house steps with shepherd dog. Garden background. Condition note: Emulsion bubble at top left quarter.
Gladys and Floyd Tuttle sit on Mellin's milk box, in front of father's drug store. Also in stack of boxes: Standard Oil Co crates, tennis rackets addressed to C.K. Tuttle.
Edgerly family sits at foot of granite rock at shoreline. From left: Arthur, Mr. Edgerly, Mrs. Edgerly (with parasol). Condition note: Upper left top corner missing from negative. Images #015 and #477 very similar. Same people in picnic shots: #408, #409, #410, #421, #422, and #479.
Business block on Lighthouse, between Fountain and Grand avenues. From left: Curio Store (G.S. Gould & Co.), Burnt Work (M.E. Gregg), Hays Ice Cream Parlors, Candy Factory, furniture store, Tuttle Pharmacy. Bike rack, Tuttle women, outdoor bins on sidewalk. Moving pictures sign. Pat Hathaway indicates that images #469, #385, and #025 form panorama.
Greenwood Park (between Central Ave. & Oceanview, at 13th Street) covered with pine trees, with view of Hopkins Marine Station at Lovers Point in background through trees. Wooden bridge near Oceanview Blvd. visible.
Post Office (now medical offices at 222 Forest Avenue) decorated with portrait of President McKinley, bunting, and greenery--in honor of McKinley's visit.
Three women on rocks at Pacific Grove shoreline near Lovers Point. Condition note: Flare on right side of print.
Copy photo of seven bison (buffalo) in paddock in Pebble Beach. The Winston brothers, local businessmen who had several hotels (The Winston & the Del Mar), brought the animals to the Peninsula in the 1890s, and later sold them to the Pacific Improvement Company. They were penned at Del Monte, and several roamed the 17-Mile Drive. See also #379 for view of individual buffalo.
Rocky outcrop along Pacific Grove shoreline, well-defined clouds, wooden plank in foreground. Condition note: Crack along bottom.
Man leaning on rock, spectacled older woman on opposite side of rock, Emily Tuttle under Cypress tree at the shoreline along 17-Mile Drive.
Three Tuttle children (from left: Winnifred, Gladys, Floyd) sit in horse-drawn surrey on Forest Avenue, just above Lighthouse Avenue. Upstairs is Dr. J.J. Williams' dentist office. Condition note: Flat image. See #042 for better version.
Three Tuttle children (from left: Winnifred, Gladys, Floyd) sit in horse-drawn surrey on Forest Avenue, just above Lighthouse Avenue. Upstairs is Dr. J.J. Williams' dentist office. Condition note: Bottom right corner missing. Similar to image #041.
From left: Gladys, Winnifred, and Emily Tuttle on rocky shoreline. C.K. Tuttle's camera box at Winnifred's feet.
Lovers Point, from across bathing cove. Shows windmill, Japanese Tea House, pier, W. "Bathhouse" Smith's barn house, Hopkins Marine Station. Condition note: Flat image.
Public School, on Pine Avenue where Robert Down School now stands. Front porch, doors open, children and adults on ground in front. See #050, #051, #052, #330, #552, #553, #554, #555, #556, #557, #559, and #562 for views of the Public School exterior.
Flag raising at Public School, on Pine Avenue where Robert Down School now stands. Front porch, doors open, man conducts children on steps, crowd watches. See #050, #051, #052, #330, #552, #553, #554, #555, #556, #557, #559, and #562 for views of the Public School exterior.
Public School tower, on Pine Avenue where Robert Down School now stands. Framed by eucalyptus tree. See #050, #051, #052, #330, #552, #553, #554, #555, #556, #557, #559, and #562 for views of the Public School exterior.
Crowd around bunting-covered bandstand, house (Tuttle's mother's) with sign "OHIO" on porch (the state McKinley hailed from, as well as the Trimmer side of the Tuttle family--specifically, Ashtabula County). Fire/curfew bell on tower at left. Photo taken from garden area at El Carmelo Hotel. Young Norfolk Island Pine tree. Probably President McKinley's 1901 visit.
Pacific Grove shoreline, from water. Condition note: Image slightly out of focus.
Winnifred Tuttle, age 12, at the switchboard of Pacific Grove's first telephone exchange. Switchboard was located in the apartment above the Tuttle pharmacy. The only other phone in town was at Dr. O.S. Trimmer's house on Laurel and 6th. Condition note: Bottom 1/3 of negative cracked in numerous places.
Looking across garden of El Carmelo Hotel towards shops between Fountain & Grand Avenues. Includes businesses across street, including: Curio/Indian Relics store, Hays Ice Cream Parlor, Tuttle Drug Store, Grocery. Top of Kent Stables visible. Norfolk Island Pines visible.
Bird Rock (aka Seal Rocks) off of 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, covered with Brandt's Cormorants. Condition note: Print out of focus/flat. Negative has mold spots. Bird colony images include: #060, #065, #116, #256-261, #500-#506.
Stereo view (two vertical 5" x 4" images) of wave rolling in towards shore.
Stereo views of Cypress trees along 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. Individual shots are vertical: 5" x 4."
Copy of ink drawing of ruined mission. Notation on artwork reads: "Carmel Mission before Restoration / from a sketch by William Keith, also marked E. L. Pierce. Additional artwork on mat.
In foreground, nestling Brandt's Cormorants on Bird Rock, off of 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. Adult birds in background are out of focus. Bird colony images include: #060, #065, #116, #256-261, #500-#506.
Trimmer Hill front parlor, showing built-in bookcases, floral rug, chairs. (Identified by Carol Mazur.) Condition note: Negative has mottled emulsion over right half, top right corner missing, edge broken.
Studio portrait of two men. One stands (Homburg hat, mustache), one sits (derby hat) in bamboo chair. Painted cloth backdrop depicting Lovers Point, including Japanese Tea House. Plank flooring shows from under cloth. Pat Hathaway suggests this was not taken at Tuttle's studio. Probably by another photographer, working at studio located at Lovers Point. Man on left is also in #507.
Tuttle baby in white cotton dress with eyelet detail. Sits on bearskin rug, in front of white cloth backdrop. Bar pin reads "BABY." Same subject in images #068, #097, #142, and #508.
Toddler in short dress stands on wicker chair. Condition note: Negative stained.
Baby in christening gown with smocking. Condition note: Emulsion stains on negative.
Gladys Tuttle rides boy's bike, wears pants, while sister Winnifred looks out of shingled house window. Same people and setting in images #071 and #132.
Tuttle baby in long christening gown with u-shaped eyelet embroidery pattern on hem and bodice. "BABY" bar pin. Full-length, in front of plain cloth backdrop. Same subject in images #072 and #088.
Woman stands with chair in garden of same house as in image #444.
Portrait of Emily Tuttle, wearing dark bodice with jet beading and flower embroidery. Condition note: Stain at left bottom corner of negative.
Chubby young girl in dark dress and pixie stocking cap with tassel stands at left of man sitting on tree stump. He wears suit; tie held with metal slide. Wide-brimmed Homburg hat sits on stump beside him. Same subject and location inimages #075 and #128.
House interior. Mirrored sideboard in dining room. Same style hanging lamp as in image #467.
Comic pose: Floyd Tuttle in gingham dress wears adult wire eyeglasses, holds book: Bride of Monte Cristo. Same subject as in image #413
Man (may be Pacific Improvement Company real estate agent T.W. Cook) holds bridle of gray speckled horse at wood steps. Building at right is PI office (which was replaced c1900 by an eyebrow-windowed one at the same location) at NW corner of Lighthouse & Grand. Location identified by Pat Hathaway from C.W.J. Johnson photo of same intersection in 1887.
Three children (two boys, one girl) on limb of oak tree just above roof of shingled house. Same children/house in #081, #079, and #411.
Kissing Rocks, also known as Arch Rock, along Oceanview Blvd. at Esplanade. Tuttle family sits on right half: Floyd, Emily, Gladys, Winnifred, unidentified woman. Views of Kissing Rocks in images #80, #118, #236, #243, #516, and #589.
Mother and three children (two boys, one girl) on steps of shingled house with address: 703. Same children/house in #081, #079, and #411.
Front steps of Trimmer Hill, at Laurel & 6th. Tuttle/Edgerly families prepare to go on picnic. From left: Unidentified mustached male, seated; Winnifred in beehive straw hat; Mrs. Edgerly; Floyd; Arthur Edgerly; Gladys, seated, Emily in striped top.
Portrait of Tuttle daughter (around 3 years old) sitting on log stump. Holds flowers, wears lacy dress. Similar views: #083 and #437.
Cypress Tree along 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. Similar to image #096.
On his original negative sleeve, Tuttle called this, "Living & the Dead" Cypress trees on 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. Condition note: Cracked negative.
Portrait of young man: C.K. Tuttle's son, Floyd. Has Maltese cross hanging from ribbon on lapel, symbol of the Epsworth League. Four-in-hand striped tie, high starched collar, very short hair.
Young girl, boy in overalls & cap. In garden in front of chicken wire, sweet peas. Condition note: Holes in emulsion above heads. Same location and subjects in #087 and #140.