Baby in long dress with inset organdy eyelet embroidery sits on settee with arched top. Floral-pattern wallpaper in background. Same subject and location in images #151 and #435.
Baby in long dress sits in garden amidst wood.
Portrait of Tuttle daughter (around 3 years old) standing against log stump. Holds flowers, wears lacy dress. Similar views: #083 and #437.
Portrait of Gladys Tuttle, about 4 years old, standing in front of painted tree & water backdrop. Same backdrop in #089, #127, #438, and #439.
Portrait of Floyd Tuttle (about 5 years old) wearing soldier costume, holding Knights of Columbus sword. Stands in front of painted backdrop of water and tree. Same backdrop in #089, #127, #438, and #439.
Toddler sits in low chair covered with cloth. O-shaped eyelet embroidery pattern at hem of dress. Condition note: Negative cracked and taped at left bottom corner.
Tuttle girl in white cotton dress posed in front of hedge. Same location as in image #077.
Tuttle daughter, in patterned suit, stands in garden in front of daisies.
Portrait of three Tuttle children. From left: Gladys, baby Winnifred in christening gown (has fingers in mouth), Floyd. They sit on a tufted velvet-backed and carpet patterned settee with Nouveau carving, draped with fabric. Quilted floral backdrop. Condition note: Emulsion bubble on boy's face. Same chair and backdrop in #461, #138, #433, and #455.
Tuttle/Trimmer family picnic. Grassy area near pine forest. From left: seated Emily Tuttle with fork in tin, standing C.K. Tuttle drinks from wicker jug, standing Floyd holds grapes, seated Dr. O.S. Trimmer, his wife Rhoda Trimmer (about to eat grapes) sits on tree stump, unidentified young woman holds cup, unidentified young man drinks from bottle. Wire (to shutter) visible leading to C.K.
Three Tuttle children with toys stand at side of El Carmelo Hotel. From left: Gladys with gun, Winnifred with drum, Floyd with sword.
Tuttle daughter, in white organdy dress with lace embellishments, long hair around shoulders, stands against draped table. Floral brocade wallpaper in background. Same location, dress in images #129 and #460.
Portrait of smiling Emily Tuttle holding baby Winnifred in christening gown with crochet lace sleeves and hem. They sit on a tufted velvet-backed and carpet patterned settee with Nouveau carving. Quilted floral backdrop. Same chair and backdrop in #461, #138, #433, and #455.
Picnic scene. From left: seated unidentified woman; Mrs. Rhoda Trimmer holds baby Floyd Tuttle; Dr. O.S. Trimmer stands with newspaper on rocks near forested area & picnic table at right. Images #476 and #478 same locale & subjects.
Picnic scene. From left: seated unidentified woman; Mrs. Rhoda Trimmer holds baby Floyd Tuttle; Dr. O.S. Trimmer sits with newspaper on rocks near forested area & picnic table at right. Images #476 and #478 same locale & subjects.
Tuttle and Edgerly families at picnic. From left: standing C.K. Tuttle holds cup, seated Emily & Mrs. Edgerly sit in front of Winnifred and Gladys (standing on stump), Arthur Edgerly seated, Floyd standing. In woods, with glimpses of houses through trees. Other Tuttle/Edgerly picnic images include: #304, #305, #408, #409, #410, #421, #422, #423, and #479.
Older man in bowler hat and full beard sits in front of painted tree backdrop. His vest is frayed at edges, and hands are gnarled. Condition note: Holes in emulsion of negative.
Portrait of Tuttle daughter, bare shoulders, leans on fleur-de-lys carpet/fabric.
Studio portrait of mustached man standing in front of plain cloth backdrop. Wears stripped jacket, hat pushed back. Same man, jacket is at left in #067.
Copy photo of Tuttle baby in white cotton dress with eyelet detail and exposed underslip with different eyelet pattern. Sits on chair covered with patterned carpet. Same subject in images #068, #097, #142, and #508.
Copy photo of young woman in c1860 dress. Original is an early tintype, thicker than later tintype metal. Original has upside-down printing at bottom: MELAINOTYPE PLATE FOR NEFF'S PROCESS Pat 19 Feb 56. Is mounted via two nails on stenciled box panel.
Copy photo of studio portrait of boy. Image is dry mounted on larger board, shot against wood board.
Interior of school room, 24 young girls, rabbit, basket, calla lilies. Looks like Easter.
Interior school room, math problems on blackboard (name Helen C. Allen written above), stuffed bobcat. Pat Hathaway indicates that Point Lobos historian Monica Hudson's family had early print of same image in their collection with a notation that classroom was in Alexander MacMillan Allan's school at Point Lobos.
Anglo male dressed as Native American. Wears feathered headdress; is wrapped in blanket. Wears dark make up. Butterfly season activities in Pacific Grove once included a pageant with "Indians." Early index identifies as: "Man dressed as Indian, probably Floyd Tuttle."
Studio shot of 5 women, one man. Interior of studio visible, including Lovers Point painted backdrop (see image #067). Skylight, tripods in corner, camera bags hanging at right. Seated older woman at front right bears resemblance to Mary E.B. Norton, early Museum curator. Pat Hathaway suggests this may be inside of photographer's studio at Lovers Point, and hence may not be Tuttle photograph.
Teen girl (Eva I. Parker) in short white cotton dress with embroidery and inset lace holds diploma from Tracy Grammar School (San Joaquin County). In front of cloth background. Same girl in #004, #167 and #585.
Studio self-portrait of man in bamboo chair from side. Looks at mounted photo of Pacific Grove coastline. Sun streams through skylight forming pattern on cloth backdrop. Plank floor. Wire leads to man's unseen right hand, indicating he is remotely clicking shutter. According to Pat Hathaway, this may be photographer who worked at Lovers Point studio. Same man appears in #586, #587, and #588.
Split negative, 2 separate vertical shots: 6.5" x 4.25". Left: Standing man holds paper parasol, holds shutter wire. Right: same man sits, looks at same photo as in #586. Condition note: Split negative, emulsion lifted right corner. Same man appears in #586, #587, and #588.
Two separate vertical shots: 6.5" x 4". Left: seated man in bamboo chair holds tie, box, embroidered cloth, holds shutter wire. Right: same man stands, Probably a self-portrait of photographer at Lovers Point studio, as he holds shutter wire. Condition note: Split negative. Same man appears in #586, #587, and #588.
Five children with drums, flower, doll, in front of garden at El Carmelo Hotel.
Teen girl (Eva I. Parker) in short dark sailor dress plays violin. In front of cloth background. Same girl in #004, #167 and #585.
Two women in lacy white gowns, one holds ribbon-wrapped long-stem rose. Have corsages, garlands of roses, many roses at their feet. Festivities in background. May Day celebration? Condition note: Negative has a few spots on woman at right's face.
Woman in high-collared paisley top with unusual mother of pearl pointer/paper knife on chain through collar loops. Condition note: Broken top left corner, damaged emulsion.
Large gathering of people at picnic. Festive atmosphere in foreground, cloth-covered picnic tables with flowers, pitchers, grapes. In background, crowd gathered around male speaker. Dr. O.S. Trimmer (first mayor of pacific Grove) near speaker.
Man with Santa Claus beard and mustache sits on wicker hamper in front of floral wallpaper. Bells strapped at top of socks. Wears padding under white plus-fours and ribbed turtleneck sweater. Wire glasses, knit stocking cap with tassel.
Tuttle girls sit in open window in front of Quaker lace curtain. From left: Gladys, Winnifred.
Pensive portrait of Tuttle daughter, wrapped in sheet, bare shoulders.
Copy photo of comical portrait of boy and girl. Boy measures globe with dividers, while girl in bonnet looks on. Speech balloon on photo reads; "He knows what he's doing."
Three girls (including Winnifred & Gladys Tuttle) pose with dolls and older woman. Same people and locale in images #046 and #267.
Army barracks with officers posed on front porch, probably the Monterey Presidio.
ix African-American men, wearing Army uniforms. Standing: three hold guitars. Squatting: three hold mandolins. Two different hat insignia. Pat Hathaway identifies men as buffalo soldiers, who trained at camp above current site of Hopkins Marine Station, once Chinatown. See images #327, #333, #334, and #370.
Tuttle/Trimmer family picnic. Grassy area at base of large tree. From left: Emily Tuttle in straw boater hat holds morsel, unidentified man with long gray beard, woman with striped "Gibson Girl" bodice and glasses, Rhoda Trimmer feeds toddler in bonnet, Dr. Trimmer cuts watermelon with axe.
Tuttle/Trimmer family picnic at beach. Pebbly ground, low bluff and trees in background. From left: unidentified older man with long gray beard, unidentified seated woman with glasses, seated Mrs. Rhoda Trimmer, standing Dr. O.S. Trimmer with peaked cap, Emily Tuttle in leg-o-mutton sleeves holds fruit, Floyd Tuttle holds watermelon slice, Winnifred (moved) holds fruit, bare-footed Gladys holds watermelon slice.
Seven members of Tuttle/Trimmer family at picnic. Seated at wooden table, from left: Mrs. Rhoda Trimmer; unidentified bearded man in checked cap drinking from flask; Dr. O.S. Trimmer; Mrs. Emily Tuttle; two unidentified girls stand on bench with woman waving fork between them. Pat Hathaway identifies location as Point Lobos. Same locale in image #329.