Close-up of tourist carriage with passengers. Top has sign that reads, "SIGHTSEEING ON ALL DRIVES OF INTEREST."
Tourist carriage with passengers. Looks like same carriage as in #1005, without top. Fence and rolling hillside in background.
Aftermath of the Mammoth Stables fire, showing smoldering ruins. In 1888, Johnson sold the business to H.E. Kent. On February 19, 1909, the stables burnt to the ground, and many horses were killed.
Portrait of cat (that was once a kitten rescued from the ship Rhoderick Dhu), that was raised by Mrs. Bertha Bollinger (who lived on 18th Street). The three-masted schooner, Rhoderick Dhu, was built in 1874, and later refitted as an oil transporter. In April 1909, the ship ran aground off of Moss Beach at Asilomar.
Portrait of early Pacific Grove resident, Roy Wright with a spaniel dog sitting on a bamboo chair.In addition to his fabulously stocked hardware store on Lighthouse Avenue, Wright was PG fire chief from 1921-1936, and also played in the Peninsula Concert Band. Wright wears a pennant-shaped Pacific Grove High School pin on his right lapel and a flower on the left lapel.
Saw Mill Gulch Bridge: horse-drawn surrey in distance on 17-Mile Drive.