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Carmel Valley Gem and Mineral Society

Adults and children are all welcome to hear from gem and mineral experts and enthusiasts at the Carmel Valley Gem and Mineral Society monthly meetings. These meetings are held at the Museum at 7pm on the second Friday of each month (except June, November, and December.) Interested members are also welcome to attend the club's board meeting, held at the same location one hour before the general meeting.

The Carmel Valley Gem and Mineral Society (CVGMS) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to promoting the study of mineralogy and geology; to encourage the collecting of specimens and the practice of the lapidary arts; to promote field excursions to mineral locations and further the education of all.

CVGMS is a group of individuals with a common interest in Gems, Minerals and all forms of related trades and arts. Located on California's Central Coast, CVGMS attracts members from Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Marina, Prunedale, and surrounding areas. We've been helping to raise awareness in our community of the natural geological resources for over 40 years.  


The landforms of Monterey County reflect a long history of tectonic activity, fault movements, uplifting, and sculpting by local rivers and the ocean. The oldest rocks in Monterey Peninsula is the igneous rock, granodiorite, this cooled from a molten mass about 80 million years ago. However, some of the pebbles in conglomerate deposits are even older - some have been traced to the Mohave Desert and are over 2000 million years old.

Entering the Museum's Native Plant Garden you are greeted by Jade hoisted from the bottom of ocean in Big Sur by artist Don Wobber. There is also a large exhibit on Monterey County geology, paleontology, and mineralogy, with an enclosed booth devoted to fluorescent minerals.

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