October Monthly Audubon Society Meeting

The Red Crossbills; Enigmatic Miracles of Evolution

"Please join the Monterey Audubon Society for a special talk at 7:30pm, Tuesday October 9 by Dr. Jamie Cornelius, postdoctoral scholar and leading authority on the Red Crossbill from UC Davis. Crossbills are one of the avian world's true evolutionary marvels; with specially iconic, crossed bills designed for prying wide conifer cones. Recently research has suggested that the species known as the "Red Crossbill" is possibly a wider complex of multiple species with different adaptations for different types of conifer forests through the northern forests of the world. Here on the central coast the species is scarce and irruptive, descending to our lowlands only under extraordinary circumstances. Not since the late 1990s have cross-bills been present in numbers, until this year. Scattered flocks have appeared throughout the cypress forests of the Peninsula, and the birds' calls suggest they may be a race of crossbills not before encountered here. Why have they come? Where have they come from? Will they stay? Please join us for this exciting and educational presentation. Doors open at 7:00PM. Talk to begin at 7:30."

All monthly Audubon meetings are held at the Pacific Grove Museum on the second Tuesday of the month. All meetings are free and members and non-members are welcome! Doors open at 7:00 PM with soft drinks and cookies provided by MAS hospitality. Monterey Audubon has been devoted to the understanding, conservation and enjoyment of Central California's birdlife since 1943. We strive to connect communities and individuals to the region's avifauna through educational programs and outdoor recreation. As a chapter of America's oldest conservation group we are also committed to advocacy on behalf of native avifauna and ecosystems as well as the implementation of stewardship practices which conserve and restore the Monterey region's precious biological diversity and wildlife.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 7:00pm