Photo Use and Reproduction

After viewing images online or at the Library or Museum, users may submit requests for image duplication to PGMNH's archivist, and Museum staff will produce prints in-house from scans. Reproduction fees must be paid before the prints are made.

Reproduction of these images on other websites is prohibited without express permission.

Use fees and conditions are specified in the Print Request form; License for Use of Reproductions and Application for Permission to Publish/Reproduce form; and Conditions of Use form.

This online catalog of the collection allows on-line public access to low-resolution images of the entire collection, and also include identification & annotation of the images. Similar annotations are included in the working print binders.

The following use & reproduction forms are available in pdf format. Please print out this pdf. After you complete the information, please return with payment (check or money order made out to Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History) via snail mail to: Archivist, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, 165 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

One-Time Only Use Fee Schedule

In addition to charging for prints, PGMNH charges a use fee for the reproduction and publication of its holdings. This fee may be waived for projects that match the mission of PGMNH.

Academic Uses

There is no fee for academic uses, including dissertation, thesis, class presentation, publication in scholarly journal, or any academic publication that is not for sale. Textbooks and educational materials for classroom use are not considered scholarly use.

Book Publication

Press run of 5,000 or less: $10.00 per image
Press run of more than 5,000: $25.00 per image
Book cover: $150.00 per image

Magazine Publication

Article or editorial illustration: $25.00 per image
Magazine cover: $125.00 per image

Newspaper Publication

Article illustration: $10.00 per image
Full page illustration: $30.00 per image

Print Advertisement (Newspaper & Magazine)

Half page or smaller: $200.00 per image
Full page: $500.00 per image

Corporate Publication

Internal circulation: $20.00 per image
External publication: $30.00 per image
Note: Internal publications include training manuals, internal memoranda, employee newsletters, etc.; External include annual reports, company histories, etc.

Commercial Decoration

Public spaces (restaurant, corporate lobby, banks, etc.): $50.00 per image
Private offices: No fee

Personal Use

Reference / Home Display: No fee
CD-ROM: $30.00 per image

Internet / Website

Less than one month: $10.00 per image
Less than six months: $25.00 per image
Six months or more: $100.00 per image
Note: Fee for delivery of digital file, whether via e-mail or on CDR is $12.00

Miscellaneous Uses

Pamphlet or hand-out publication: $20.00 per image
Posters for sale: $500.00 per image
Posters for promotion: $250.00 per image
Less than 500: $50.00 per image
500-1000: $250.00 per image
1000 +: $500.00 per image
Less than 500: $30.00 per image
500-1000: $75.00 per image
1000 +: $150.00 per image

Television / Video / DVD

Network or cable broadcast: $50.00 per image
Local or public television broadcast: $20.00 per image
Home video / DVD (for sale): $50.00 per image

Multimedia Productions

For a period of 10 years: $250.00 per image
For a period of 5 years: $150.00 per image
Note: Permission for multimedia use allows for a more open-ended agreement for productions that will be released in more than one medium (e.g. broadcast, home video, CD-ROM), so that permission would not have to be obtained for each separate use. Please note that book publication would have to be requested separately. It also allows for ancillary uses such as promotion, award presentation. Permission can be given for uses that are anticipated within the specified time period but are not planned at the time of the request. Any subsequent uses developed within the permission period not included in the wording of the permission letter you receive from us would have to be requested separately. The permission period begins with the date indicated on this permission form.

Non-Profit Uses

Non-profit use by non-profit organizations: $5.00 per image
Commercial use by non-profit organizations: 50% off use fees
Non-profit organizations requesting a reduced fee or a waiver of the fee must provide a Federal Tax Exempt Number with their request.

Special Service Fees

Orders taking more than 1/2 hour of staff time may include a service fee of $32 per hour. Only large or unusual orders will incur this charge; you will be informed in advance if there is a chance you will be charged for service. PGMNH does not offer a general picture research service.

PGMNH will determine fees for uses not specified above.