The Tuttle Collection

The Tuttle collection is comprised of approximately 600 photographs that were made in the late 19th and early 20th century by Charles K. Tuttle, a Pacific Grove, California pharmacist. The images document the formative years of Pacific Grove's history.

While most of these images were taken by Tuttle himself, a few were the work of other photographers, including CWJ Johnson and Carelton E. Watkins. Tuttle dispensed these photos along with his prescriptions to patrons of his Lighthouse Avenue drug store.

The images in the collection have been scanned and printed from the original glass-plate negatives. Working sets of prints are organized in loose-leaf binders and are available to the public at the Pacific Grove Public Library and the PGMNH.

High-quality reproductions of all the Tuttle images are available for purchase. To order images, please visit the Use and Reproduction page of this site for prices and order form. If you are interested in reproducing Tuttle images in a publication, please refer to the Use and Reproduction page for fee schedule, permission, and conditions of use information.

Reproduction of these images on other websites is prohibited without express permission.

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