Make a Difference, Volunteer!

     Your help is needed! The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is a small museum, and we depend on volunteers to help us continue to be a great community resource and fulfill our mission to inspire discovery, wonder, and stewardship of our natural world.

     There are many different volunteer positions available, with varying levels of commitment. If you do not see a position that suits you, please contact our Community Outreach Program Manager, to discuss alternative volunteer positions. 

Museum Docents
       Welcome guests and share your knowledge and love of the natural animals, flora, and geology that makethe Monterey Peninsula unique.

Gift Shop
       Come work in our cozy gift shop. Talk with guests and help keep our Museum admission free by keeping our giftshop open.

Monarch Docents
       Spend your time at the lovely Monarch Sanctuary in Pacific Grove talking with visitors from around the world about our special winter home for monarch butterflies.

       Our Native Plants Garden needs your care. Come help maintain it’s beauty as you learn about the native flora of the Central Coast.

Science Saturday & Event Volunteers
        Become a volunteer for our community Science Saturdays, lectures, exhibition openings, and/or fundraising events.


       To become a volunteer at the Museum or Monarch Sanctuary, please complete the online volunteer application found here. Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at the PG Museum of Natural History!

Meet our Volunteer of the Month

Sean Davis is a new volunteer, who began his service at the Museum this past February. In about a month and a half, he's already acquired 38 hours of service. He's been a wonderful addition to our gift shop, but has also been a huge source of help during our events. During Night Owl and the Butterfly Ball, Sean was washing dishes, clearing plates, and doing whatever job he could behind the scenes, no matter how unglamorous it may have been,  to help make the event a success.       Sean is outstanding at any project he tackles as a volunteer; he puts in 100% effort in any task no matter how small. He also does things around the Museum, just because he sees they need to be done and not because he's been asked.          Sean spends a couple Sundays a month in our gift shop. If you stop in, please congratulate him. The entire staff is thankful for his great attitude and his tremendous service over the past few weeks. We look forward to Sean's continued involvement in the Museum as a volunteer. As Volunteer of the Month, Sean will receive a small gift from the Museum and a featured article on our website.